Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Propylene Glycol and not just distilled water?

Use Propylene Glycol and Water– Don’t use tap water! The water source used for your humidor is important as a dirty water source can introduce mold into the environment. We don’t want mold on our cigars! We recommend our Pre-Mixed Habano Care 50/50 Humidor solution as we use a proprietary formula to ensure mold does not grow.  Distilled water alone can get dirty from touching it. 


What humidity do I keep my cigars at?

Keep your cigars at 70% Humidity! The right humidity is crucial for the tobacco leaves as too much moisture or too little moisture will have an effect on the Cigar’s burn. Be careful as too much moisture in the cigar will make it difficult to draw. Use our Habano Care Humidor Jars to keep your humidity at the perfect levels.

What temperature do I keep my cigars at?

Keep temperatures at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold air holds less moisture than warm air. This is not ideal as cigars need to be kept at a 70% Humidity. Additionally, if the temperature is too warm the air can hold too much moisture.  So we recommend 70 degree Fahrenheit.

What does breaking in my humidor mean?

Break in your humidor –What does this mean?  It means to saturate your new humidor with distilled water to hold the proper humidity. The environment for the cigar is crucial for the proper characteristics. The humidor is like a bed for our precious cigars and if not properly made can make for a fussy cigar. But be careful, too much water can over-saturate the wood. Follow the humidor’s instruction manual for the proper break-in procedure.


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